This Is How I Date and Travel

This time exactly 10 years ago, I was interning by day and waiting tables by night. Post college graduation, my social life suddenly disappeared. Gone too was the pool of nearby, educated and available men. For practical reasons, online dating … Continued

Wanderlust: What First Inspired Me to Travel

2014 was the craziest, most transformative and exciting time of my life. In a previous post, I write about my first year teaching online gender and sociology courses while traveling—from Africa to Alaska and all over Europe. Somehow I found time … Continued

The Ultimate LGBTQ Hawaii Getaway is a refreshingly fun queer culture and travel site that features LGBTQ getaways, like Kalani Oceanside Retreat in Hawaii. Situated on 120 acres of beautiful, organic and preserved heritage property, Kalani Oceanside Retreat is the real deal. A hidden oasis nestled within … Continued